Health Entry Pass

Welcome to Kazakhstan!

The form must be filled in within the last 72 hours before visiting Kazakhstan.

The result of filling in the questionnaire is a QR code that should be shown:

  • at the check-in before departure;
  • to the employee of the Sanitary Control Point (SCP) upon arrival.

Pay attention!
People before entering Kazakhstan, when crossing the state border must pass a form in accordance with paragraph 1 of Appendix 6 of the post. 59.

Resolutions of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor (CSSD) "All persons arriving in the Republic of Kazakhstan through the State Border undergo thermometry, form and must submit a Certificate of passing the COVID-19 test by PCR for a period of not more than 3 days at the time of crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

Benefits of filling out the application form online:

• Filling from a mobile phone or computer
• No need to re-fill by saving the form on the device
• Ability to fill in for yourself and your relatives
• Autocomplete when scanning passport
• Filling out in advance before departure and passing epidemiological control out of turn
• Click "Start"
• Take a photo and upload your passport
• Fill in the remaining fields of the form
• Send the QR code of the questionnaire to your email or Aitu application
Fill out form
• Click "Add Family Member"
• Fill in the details of a family member
Fill out the form for family members

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